COVID-19 Home Kits

Self swabbing from the comfort of your home

Self Swabbing

Convenient home sample collection kit suitable for required COVID-19 testing.

We offer the following home tests:

  • Pre Departure test
  • Day 2 Home testing
  • Day 5 Test to release
  • Day 8 Home testing

With a £5 discount of 2 or more test for the same person

Includes NGS (next generation sequencing) for variant surveillance

Gold standard PCR methodology

Please be aware that our COVID-19 home sample collection kits and travel packs are available for delivery within the UK only.

What information will we need from you

All patients details and payment taken prior to booking reference number only provided on completion of details and full payment receipt

  • Full Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • NHS number
  • Ethnicity
  • Home address, including postcode, and the address at which you intend to reside in England (if different)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Vaccination status: How many doses, date of doses:

For Fit to Fly

  • The date of their arrival in the UK
  • Coach number/ Flight number or vessel name (as appropriate)
  • Date on which you are departing
  • The country or territory you are travelling to
  • The purpose of the test 

From international arrivals:

  • The date of their arrival in the UK
  • Coach number/ Flight number or vessel name (as appropriate)
  • Date on which you last departed from or transited through a country or territory outside the common travel area:
  • The country or territory you were travelling from when you arrived in the UK, and any country or territory you transited through as part of that journey
  • Green/Amber/Red of country you have arrived from
  • The purpose of the test – this must include whether the test was for an amber list or green list arrival and whether the test was for day 2, day 8 or Test to Release
  • Booking of Day 8 or Test to Release requirements being met

What is a Covid-19 Antigen PCR Test?

It is important to understand the difference between the two types of Covid-19 tests currently available. The antibody test checks if you have had the coronavirus before and the antigen test checks carried out in our clinic will suggest if you are currently infected with the coronavirus. The Covid-19 antigen test, also known as the PCR test, is a swab test that determines if you are currently infected with Coronavirus. The test looks for the presence of genetic material in the virus called RNA. The swab sample is tested in the lab by adding a reagent solution to it. If the virus is present, the reagent starts a chain reaction and creates thousands of copies of the genetic material, producing enough material to investigate the presence of the virus.

The antigen PCR test:

  • Tests for the presence of the virus in the host
  • Has an optimal testing window of between 2 days prior to symptom onset and 7 days after
  • Can be carried out using nose swabs, throat swabs or saliva

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